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OUDS has a spiffy new website: www.ouds.ousa.org.nz

Welcome to OUDS 2007! 

Bigger, badder and better than ever before.

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Hello to anyone new.  You have chosen well.  Debating is the best sport.  Here is what you need to know:

Come to the first night of debating on Tuesday the 13 of March in the commerece building (level 2 - the one that the trees grow on) at 7 p.m.

If you're thinking about Uni Games here is a message from Jono:

Hey all

For those of you who could not make opening function or just did not hear,
this Friday trials start for the University Games teams for debating. This
is the first inter-univesity competion of the year and will be held over
easter break in Christchurch. It is targetted at more experienced debaters,
however this friday night we will be holding a trial debate involving people
from the society who have attended uni games before. This debate will double as an opportunity for you to gauge the standard of uni games debating so you
can decide if you would like to trial and assist you in understanding the
format of the debates.  We will be answering any questions you may have
about the tournament as well as describing the trial process and what is
expected of you if you make the team. This will be held **7-9pm *in *Seminar Room 5 *on the *10th floor of* *Richardson Building.*

Anyone is free to attend.


Jono Willis


Maybe you want to know what debating is all about? 

You really have to try it - it's like organised religion; its essence can't be condenced down into a paragraph on a DIY website.  It's partly arguing in the commerece building, partly beer at The Cook, partly social experiment, partly spiritual experience.  It has something to do with karaoke and national and international tournaments ... but it's also something greater, something you've been waiting for.  And now it's here. 

Maybe you're back for more punishment?

What can we say?  We still love you, see you soon and look at the new photos!  If you have any pics of drunken debatey goodness that you want to share with the world, email them to me: poppyhaynes@gmail.com.  If you've given your nana the address for this site and need all incriminating photos of yourself removed, then email me, too.  Please note, however, that there will doubtless be ugly photos of everyone, so I only want to hear the nana story if it's the real deal. 



~ a word from our ancestors ~

(never updated, cos God help us if we change)

Ask not what OUDS can do for you, cos OUDS can't do shit

Given that this wbsite can be expecting some new visitors sometime soon, it seemed a good idea to perhaps write a bit about OUDS and what it is. But it turns out that answering the question "What is OUDS, exactly?", like me, isn't as easy as it looks.

Problem number one is that if I start by explaining that we're debaters, that's just too geeky. But then if I discuss the other stuff we do, it's really just a list of depraved acts ranging from dodgy to down-right criminal, and often both.

OUDS is a great way to meet people, but you wouldn't want them at your funeral unless they were well gagged.
OUDS is what we do on Tuesdays,
and sometimes into the small hours of Wednesdays.
Occaisionally OUDS is what we do for weekends or whole weeks, but that's just
scary, expensive, and unhealthy.
OUDS looks just as great on CVs as it does on the karaoke stage.

OUDS has its own language - it sounds like we're speaking English, but really we're just talking shit.
OUDS lies about its own name, but only when booking tables.
OUDS is broke, but no-one wants to fix it.
OUDS is as OUDS does, and it's about as stupid as that sounds.



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